What Our Clients Say

Daspit really provides excellent customer service. I have dealt with various attorneys and their staff in the past and I can honestly say that no one has compared to the staff here at Daspit.

Mary Cantu

A friend recommended John Daspit to me and going with him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! He was highly knowledgable in dealing with the insurance company and throughout the litigation always seemed to be five steps ahead and got me much more money than I’d ever expected/dreamed. An acquaintance of mine from the accident went with another attorney, and did not get anywhere near what I did so I feel fortunate to have chosen him. The accident was a major life changing event and horrible moment but I am at peace with everything now knowing that I have been fully compensated for everything present and future that may arise.


I found John and his entire staff to be especially caring. I liked that I could speak directly to my Attorney, who answered all my questions in a way that made it easy for me. They worked directly with the insurance company and therefore I never felt tricked or that I might be taken advantage of.


The Daspit Law Firm will provide you with the best legal services possible. Attorney John Daspit is highly experienced and I would absolutely recommend him on any personal injury cases you might have. The quality work he will provide you is unlike any other attorney in Houston.

Stacy Swineburg

The best of the best.

Linda Thomas

I highly recommend the Daspit Law Firm. They do an outstanding job with true and honest integrity.

Ryan Christopher

I met Mr. Daspit in a semi- social environment ( airport in Denver waiting on a flight). Our conversation was random in value. During our conversation Mr. Daspit inform me he was an attorney. During our general discussion on life. I ask Mr. Daspit if we could talk ” Shop”. I went on to explain a family situation involving a vehicle accident, that was pending civil action. I went into as much detail as time would allow. Mr. Daspit’s response was invaluable….. I thank Mr. Daspit for his time.

As I was boarding my flight I thought about Mr. Daspit’s response…..he was able to explain the manner which my circumstances should go and what I should do. What I seen in Mr. Daspit was that he took pride in being a lawyer and being able to help.