Shrimp Boat Accident Attorney

Shrimping is a different job from day to day. The job is demanding, and workers face hazards every time they head out into the open water. When accidents happen, they are often severe and life changing for the victims involved. Getting caught in nets, falling on slippery decks, and falling overboard are real risks associated with hazardous conditions and careless behaviors. Contact an experienced shrimp boat accident lawyer for a free legal consultation if you or a loved one have suffered an injury as a result of being involved in a shrimping boat accident.

Know your legal rights in the event you or someone you know has been injured in a shrimp boat accident. If someone else’s carelessness was responsible for the accident, there are many unique legal actions available to maritime workers under the Jones Act. Maritime law is complex and very different from traditional personal injury and workers’ compensation. Acting quickly in the aftermath of an accident may make a difference in the amount of compensation a maritime worker can secure.

Shrimping in the U.S.

There are a few key shrimping areas in the United States. The three most productive areas are around the coast of Alaska, Louisiana, and Texas. Hundreds of people regularly head out on shrimp boats, dependent on the high demand work to earn a living. Aside from the typical hazards associated with working on fishing boats, these workers are also affected by hazards in the larger ecosystem. Oil spills, chemical contamination, loading accidents, oil platform accidents, fires and explosions, and other exposure accidents can also have lingering health effects on shrimp boat workers and make earning a living difficult or impossible.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act extends workers’ compensation benefits to those who work as part of a ship’s crew. Under the act, workers can receive compensation to cover medical expenses, daily living expenses, lost wages, and more if the cause of the accident is proven to be negligence. During the busier times of the season and throughout the year, employers may take short-cuts and ignore safety standards in an effort to bring in more shrimp and profit than previous seasons. An experienced Jones Act attorney can help you understand and successfully navigate this sometimes complex and difficult legal process.

When safety is compromised, the inherent risk of accidents rises and puts you at risk. Remember that you, as a maritime worker, are eligible to receive benefits if you are injured at sea. Contact an experienced shrimp boat accident attorney to discuss your legal options and rights.

What to Do After a Shrimping Accident

As in any accident, seek medical care immediately. It is your right to see a physician of your choosing, not necessarily the doctor your company recommends. Inform your employer about the on-the-job accident as soon as possible. Failing to notify your company within a certain timeframe may preclude you from pursuing injured worker benefits when you need them.

If you can, document as much about the accident as possible. Pictures, witness information, and injury documentation may be an important part of pursuing a case against the parties responsible for your injury. Since many accidents happen on the open water away from shore, evidence may be readily available when an investigation finally begins.

Securing the Representation of a Shrimp Boat Accident Lawyer

After a shrimp boat accident, you may want to consult a shrimping boat accident lawyer about the options available to you. Initial consultations are free at the Daspit Law Firm and may clarify some information about your circumstances. Pursuing a case may be the best way to obtain fair compensation after you have suffered from an injury. The maritime attorneys at the Daspit Law Firm work in the maritime industry on a regular basis.

We know the complexities of maritime law and where certain statutes are best applied. We can come to you if you are unable to travel, and strive to make ourselves available whenever our clients need to talk. Contact us today to learn more about taking legal action to secure fair compensation after your shrimp boat accident.