Oil Spill Accident Lawyer

Though the number of oil spill incidents has decreased over the years, oil spills still occur more than they should. In the 1970’s, roughly 54% of all total oil spills were considered to be a large spill (more than 700 metric tons). Since the 2000s, there have only been 35 large-spill incidents. Still, oil spills cause some of the most widespread and devastating damage to the environment and to employees working on the rig. If you or a family member have suffered from being involved in an oil spill accident, contact an experienced oil spill accident lawyer for legal counsel.

Most oil spills happen from unknown causes. Of those spills that have known causes, equipment failure, hull failure, fires and explosions. Injuries from oil spills can vary widely, but they can cause extensive burns, exposure to toxins, and death. There are many cases where an employer or other entity is found to be negligent. In those cases, victims of the spill are entitled to compensation for their medical expenses. Our attorneys handle oil spill cases in Victoria, Beaumont, New Iberia, Houston, and across the Gulf Coast.

What Happens if I Was Injured in an Oil Spill? Who Is Responsible?

The Jones Act of 1920 was created to protect maritime workers injured at sea. This Act allows injured seamen to sue their employers for negligent behavior. It also allows them to collect compensation for healthcare and maintenance. In some cases, when gross negligence is indicated, victims may be able to collect punitive damages, as well. One such case in recent memory is the 2010 BP oil spill after the Deep Water Horizon incident. This happened for a number of reasons, but included improperly sealed cement in the borehole, improper pressure testing, and a failure to divert the leaking gas correctly.

As you can see, negligence can be a complex array of factors. The equipment manufacturer may be held liable in some cases; in other cases, employers may be held liable for slack safety precautions. Other times, several entities may be deemed responsible for an oil spill. Under the Jones Act, injured maritime workers need only prove a very small percentage of negligence to collect compensation. Unlike traditional personal injury suits, Jones Act claims allow workers to receive compensation even if the employer is only 1% negligent.

What Do I Do Next?

If you have been injured in an oil spill accident, it is imperative that you report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. The Jones Act requires you report the accident within 7 days. You will be expected to file a statement, where you will also have to designate who was at fault for the accident. It is important to consider this section carefully. If you think the employer or someone else was even partially at fault, be sure to address it.

More likely than not, the insurer will try to pay you very little in benefits, or none at all. If this is the case, you need to contact a personal injury maritime attorney. An oil spill accident attorney will help you build a strong case against the insurer in an effort to get maximum compensation for your medical and living expenses.

Experienced National Oil Spill Accident Lawyers

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We offer a personalized approach, listening to our client’s individual stories to build the strongest case possible. Of course, our end goal is to get the maximum compensation on behalf of our clients. With so many years of experience, we have learned the evidence that insurers mount against you in an attempt to pay you less. We know how to pinpoint weaknesses in these arguments, and we fight aggressively to get you the money you deserve. Contact us today to begin building your case.