Oil Platform Accident Lawyers

There are several operating offshore oil platforms in use around the U.S. every day. Oil platforms are placed in the best locations for drilling work, and many of the workers come from all over the place and stay onsite for the duration of the job. A very dangerous job, oil platform workers work long hours in hazardous conditions and often under a large amount of pressure to work faster than ever. If you or a loved one have been the victim of an oil platform accident, contact a successful and experienced oil platform accident attorney for a free legal consultation.

In these remote areas, it is understandable that injury causing accidents are a serious concern. Life altering injuries and death are real possibilities. Maritime workers and longshoreman rights state that they do not have to accept that an injury is just part of doing business. If someone else’s negligent actions cause injury, oil platform workers may want to consider filing a legal action to cover the cost of recovery. We handle cases in Biloxi, Houston, New Orleans, Gulfport, Corpus Christi, and across the Gulf Coast.

Types of Accidents and Injuries Oil Platform Workers May Encounter

Companies that run oil platforms are responsible for providing a safe work environment for their employees. That means they should be taking pains to ensure adequate training, safety precautions, and equipment maintenance every day workers are out on the platforms. All it takes is one instance of improperly handled chemicals or a mechanic leaving a greasy rag in a combustible environment for serious accidents to occur.

Oil platform workers could be struck in the head by rigging equipment, suffer from chemical or thermal burns, be involved in a loading accident, slip and fall on an unsafe walkway, get caught in a fire and or explosion, or get caught in malfunctioning machinery. The number of ways a maritime worker on an oil platform can be injured are many. Although the job requires hard hats and other protective clothing, it may not be enough to prevent more serious injuries from changing a worker’s life forever.

After an Accident

If you are stationed out on an oil platform and you suffer from an injury, report your injury to a supervisor immediately and seek medical assistance. If you have a smartphone or camera on you, try to take a few pictures of the accident scene and your injuries, and talk to workers nearby. Some injuries may prevent you from doing any on-site documentation, but try to retain as many facts about the incident as possible.

After you have received medical attention, get in touch with an oil platform accident lawyer who specializes in maritime law and offshore accident cases. It may be worth a call even if you believe you have no case. Maritime law is complex and provides many avenues of compensation for injured workers. An experienced oil platform accident attorney can help you make informed decisions about your situation so you do not end up without compensation to cover your medical bills or the ability to hold the responsible party accountable.

Oil platform workers are considered seamen who are covered by the Jones Act. The act provides a means for workers who are injured on the job because of someone else’s negligence to secure benefits to cover daily living expenses, medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

Oil Platform Accident Lawyer at the Daspit Law Firm

The Daspit Law Firm maritime lawyers are well-regarded, for their work in maritime law. We take a variety of maritime accident cases, many of which involve oil platform workers who have suffered devastating injuries on the job. We can help you work through the complex insurance paperwork and maritime legal issues so you can obtain fair compensation to cover the associated costs. We only get paid if we secure financial damages on your behalf, and our team is committed to a personal and accessible approach to law.

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