Maritime Piracy Lawyers

Piracy at sea is defined as illegally using violence against or detaining a crew or ship for personal reasons outside the confines of state jurisdiction. While many crews face weather and safety hazards on a daily basis, they are also constantly exposed to the threat of piracy on international waters. If you have been the victim of maritime piracy, do not hesitate to contact an experienced maritime piracy attorney for legal help and counsel.

High profile cases of piracy in the news today are a far cry from the romanticized tales of Captain Hook, Long John Silver, or Jack Sparrow. They are often conducted by individuals who may not speak the same language as crew members, carry deadly automatic weaponry, and whose intentions may be unclear and frightening. The experience of being taken hostage or injured in a modern day pirate attack can cause lifelong physical and emotional scars.

Compensation Seamen Can Claim After a Pirate Attack

Although piracy is not a traditional accident, seaman, maritime workers, and longshoreman rights are covered under the provisions of maritime law and the Jones Act. Crew members who can prove serious physical or emotional harm after an incident may be entitled to receive compensation to cover medical expenses, including travel and rehabilitation treatment, lost wages, and daily expenses.

Surviving family members of those killed during a pirate attack may also be able to secure compensation for their loss through the Death on the High Seas Act. After an act of piracy, there are legal remedies to help you and your loved ones cope with injuries and loss. Contacting an experienced maritime piracy attorney is the first step in making sure you receive fair compensation after going through a harrowing ordeal with pirates.

Pirates Are More Likely to Attack in these Areas

Part of preventing a pirate attack is knowing where the incidents are more likely to occur. Waters around south Asia, Somalia, and off the Indian subcontinent are all considered high risk areas for piracy attacks. If your crew is slated for travel through these waters, take extra precautions to prevent pirates from boarding. Early detection and deterrence strategies can effectively reduce the risk of an encounter with pirates.

Make a radio call as soon as you recognize suspicious activity, and go over action strategies in the event your vessel is boarded. Recognizing how to address a pirate boarding situation can be tricky and frightening. Some pirates may only want to use your vessel for travel, while others have more nefarious intentions. Your life may be endangered from the first moment a pirate steps on board. Practice different scenarios as a crew so you know how to gauge different circumstances.

Regardless of preparation, being boarded by pirates can change your life in an instant. If you do suffer injury at the hands of pirates, remember that you can take legal action to secure the compensation you need to recover.

Finding a Maritime Piracy Attorney

After a pirate attack, you may be involved in a whirlwind of communications between your employer, media requests, medical treatment, and family. You may not realize the effect of the encounter immediately. By talking to an experienced maritime piracy lawyer who understands piracy cases in international waters, you can make an informed decision about taking further legal action. For some victims of piracy, the true effects of the incident may not be evident until months after the fact.

Contact the maritime accident attorneys at the Daspit Law Firm in the event that you or a loved one has suffered in a pirate attack on international waters. We have the experience and understanding needed to take on even the most complex piracy cases. Our primary goal is to help you get fair compensation for your injuries so you can get back on a path to recovery. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and to learn more about how we approach piracy cases in the Gulf Coast and nationwide.