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When maritime workers are away at sea rather than on U.S. soil, are they still protected under U.S. laws when they suffer from work-related injuries? Absolutely! Under the Jones Act, a seaman who has been injured offshore because of negligence by the ship owner, the ship captain, or other crew members can file a lawsuit against his or her employer. Our national offshore accident lawyers at Daspit Law Firm can help you determine if you qualify to file a lawsuit under the Jones Act.

A few different types of offshore accidents include:

We want to assist you with your case. You can get the process started by meeting with one of our maritime injury law attorneys in a free consultation. If you hire us, you will not owe us any attorney fees unless we are actually able to obtain compensation on your behalf!

Why is compensation important?

A serious offshore injury can be a major hindrance to your life and your livelihood. You will not only be in physical pain, but you will also be faced with the costs of your medical treatment and of your income loss from time you have to spend out of work. If you are permanently disabled, you may even have to find a different line of work. As a maritime worker who was injured through no fault of your own, you deserve to be fairly compensated by the liable party. Our offshore injury and accident lawyers want to help you secure an amount of payment that is adequate for covering your losses.

At Daspit Law Firm, our national offshore injury and accident attorneys handle each case as if it is our own. We can provide you with personalized representation (you work directly with your attorney) and around-the-clock legal support. We can even make life simpler for you by visiting you in the hospital or at your home, if needed.

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