Loading Accident Lawyers

Any time cargo is moved between ships, a ship and a platform, or a ship and a dock and an accident occurs, it may be considered a loading accident. Loading is one of the highest risk jobs associated with maritime transportation, and may involve forklifts, cranes, hand trucks, or other heavy machinery. Workers who suffer injury in these types of accidents could face electrocution, being crushed, being hit with a large object, or being involved in a maritime fire and explosion accident. Often, the injuries have life altering consequences or may lead to death. If you have been involved in a loading accident caused by the negligence of someone else, contact an experienced national loading accident lawyer for a free legal consultation, ASAP.

Although there are many safety standards in place to prevent these types of injuries from taking place, there is always a margin of error. Many of the accidents take place because someone was not doing what he or she was supposed to. Regardless of intent, a company or individual that fails to use reasonable caution during the course of work may be held liable for a loading worker’s injuries. The maritime attorneys at the Daspit Law Firm have experience working with victims of loading accidents and can provide the assistance needed to file a claim and hold the responsible party accountable.

What to Do After an Accident

As a worker in a maritime loading area, it is important that you know how to handle an accident if you are in one or see someone get hurt. Your first priority should be to get medical attention if it is needed and to notify management about the accident. Many employee policies may require that workers notify their employers within a certain time period. If you do not file an accident report in that timeframe, you may lose your ability to file an injury claim later on.

Take pictures at the scene if you have your phone with you, or ask someone else to document the area and your injuries. Pay attention to the nearby individuals and note who responds when the incident occurs. Loading accident claims often rely on independent investigations to get to the truth of the matter. The more evidence preserved at the time of the accident, the better the chance an investigative team has of uncovering the circumstances surrounding the incident.

As soon as you can, reach out to a loading accident attorney who specializes in maritime law. Maritime accident cases do not fall under the same state personal injury laws as other workers’ compensation cases. Instead, your attorney must understand maritime law and the acts that support compensation for seamen, longshoremen, harbor workers, and other maritime laborers. As a loading worker, you may be eligible for compensation through the Longshoreman and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. The act provides a means to obtain coverage for the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation expenses, and more.

Minimizing the Risk of an Accident

As a maritime worker who may travel through or work in loading areas, it is important that you understand the high risk nature of the environment and use caution when moving through or working in these areas. Always pay attention to your surroundings and notify management about any safety hazards or dangerous activity taking place. Know how to react in the event of an incident.

Securing Legal Representation From Experienced Loading Accident Lawyer

Maritime companies may not initially provide you with the right amount of compensation for your injuries. As a result, you may be wondering how you will make ends meet in the future and pay for surmounting medical expenses. After a serious injury in a loading accident, take action as quickly as possible. Our team of attorneys provide free, confidential case reviews and can help you determine if legal action is the best way for you to obtain the compensation you deserve to start recovering.