Jack-Up Rig Accident Lawyer

Jack-up rigs are moveable offshore drilling platforms. The legs of the rig extend downward into the sea and push the platform above the surface for drilling operations. The structure provides a stable surface for drilling activities, but the environment is not always the safest place for maritime workers. Contact an experienced and successful jack-up rig accident attorney if you or a loved one have suffered an injury as a result of being involved in a jack-up rig accident caused by the negligence of someone else.

The rigs feature a complex array of machinery that needs regular maintenance and has the potential to malfunction and injure several crew members at one time. Similar to offshore oil platforms, jack-up rigs may be even more hazardous since they have more mechanical parts to maintain and operate. Those who work on jack-up rigs out at sea are considered seamen who are covered under maritime law. In addition to unseaworthiness claims, and the standard maintenance and cure available to all seamen, injured jack-up rig workers may also be able to file a claim for compensation under the Jones Act.

Causes of Jack-Up Rig Accidents

While traveling or while in place in a drilling location, workers could suffer head injuries from swinging cables, slip and fall on surfaces that have not been maintained for worker safety, be burned or impaled in an explosion, or come into contact with hazardous chemicals. Some accidents are an expected part of a high risk job like this, but when accidents could have been prevented with reasonable precaution, it is time to start looking into legal action against the responsible party.

Your employer is responsible for providing workers with a sufficiently safe working environment, training staff adequately, and maintaining industry standards for equipment upkeep and ship maintenance. If your employer fails to properly address any of these areas, the company may be liable for your injuries. To see what options are available to you after a jack-up rig incident, contact an experienced maritime attorney.

Maritime jack-up rig accident attorneys have a deep understanding of the principles of personal injury law and the statutes of maritime law that cover most jack-up rig worker accidents. The Daspit Law Firm has the maritime case experience you can trust to help you choose the right course of legal action. We take cases in Gulfport, Lafayette, Houston, Biloxi, and across the Gulf Coast.

Compensation Available for Jack-Up Rig Workers

For those who qualify as seamen onboard any vessel, an employer is required to offer maintenance and cure to any injured worker regardless of liability. You should be able to receive compensation for living expenses, medical care, and transportation. Additionally, if someone else was at fault, you may also be able to file a claim under the Jones Act and receive further compensation for ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation expenses, and lost wages, among other financial benefits.

An employer may have good intentions after a workplace accident, but insurance companies may want to settle your case for the minimum amount possible. The end result for seriously injured workers is an inability to pay expenses related to an accident after a certain point. If you or someone you know has been injured because of another’s careless actions, you deserve fair compensation to cover the associated costs.

The Daspit Law Firm Jack-Up Rig Accident Lawyers Can Help

Let the jack-up rig accident attorneys at the Daspit Law Firm help you determine the best course of action after a jack-up rig accident. Offshore accidents tend to be complex and may require an intensive investigation and expert witnesses to prove the true circumstances surrounding an injury. There is no reason you have to settle for less than you need to start recovering.

We work personally with our clients and strive to be as accessible as possible whenever we take on a case. Contact us today for a free case evaluation or to learn more about our approach to maritime accident law.