Drill Rig Accident Lawyers

All drilling rigs are powerful complexes of machinery designed to burrow through the earth’s subsurface in order to gain access to natural resources like oil. Oil platforms are often considered drilling rigs, as are jack-up rigs and onshore rigs. Large rigs make obtaining necessary fossil fuels easier, but they also create a high-risk work environment. If you or someone you love have suffered an injury as a result of being involved in a drill rig accident at work, contact a drill rig accident lawyer for legal representation.

Because many drill rigs are offshore, accidents that happen there are covered by federal maritime law, not state-based personal injury law. The workers on drill rigs are considered seamen, and are therefore entitled to maintenance and cure provisions for any injury suffered during the course of work as well as the ability to file a claim under the Jones Act against parties that may be responsible for an injury.

Maintenance and Cure

Maintenance and cure provides compensation for daily living expenses, medical care, and other costs for all seamen injured on the job. Unfortunately, some companies set pay rates unreasonably low, and drill rig workers may find they cannot make ends meet with the compensation provided through this provision. A drill rig accident attorney may advise individuals to take legal action against an employer to secure adequate compensation in this case.

The Jones Act

The Jones Act extends many traditional workers’ compensation benefits to seamen who can prove an accident was caused by someone else’s negligence. When vessel operators or companies fail to properly maintain equipment, create a safe work environment, or otherwise inadequately address a foreseeable hazard, they may be liable for any resulting injuries. After an investigation, if negligence was to blame for a worker’s injuries, he or she may be able to claim compensation to cover present and future medical costs and rehabilitation, lost wages, and other needs.

Common Causes of Accidents on Drill Rigs

Drill rig incidents often happen in the blink of an eye, and it may be difficult to initially see the causes of these problems. Slip and fall accidents can be purely accidental or they can happen because someone left a greasy rag near a piece of equipment or failed to mop up a slick spill. Cable breaks, flooring that gives way, or other malfunctioning may be caused by inadequate maintenance, which is almost always a rig’s owner’s or company’s responsibility. Falling objects and poor training are other causes of accidents that can lead to chronic pain, port and pier injuries, broken limbs, other serious injuries, and even wrongful death.

Any injury that affects your life and ability to work may be worth pursuing legal action over. Injured drill rig workers often find paying bills and making ends meet difficult after an injury. If someone was careless and caused your accident, it is your right to seek damages to cover the associated costs. The offshore accident and injury attorneys at the Daspit Law Firm are committed to helping people like you secure fair compensation for your injury.

Securing a Drill Rig Accident Lawyer

After a drill rig accident, you may want to consult a drill rig accident attorney with extensive experience handling a wide range of different maritime law cases throughout the U.S. The Daspit Law maritime attorneys specialize in accidents that happen in and around navigable waters. They understand maritime work activities and the laws that govern maritime accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a drill rig accident, the team national drill rig accident lawyers at the Daspit Law Firm can help.

Our firm’s team of attorneys are committed to seeking justice for maritime workers injured during the course of work in Houston, Corpus Christi, Lafayette, New Orleans, and across the country. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you never pay for services unless we obtain compensation on your behalf. We strive to be accessible, and every case is handled personally by a highly qualified drill rig accident attorney. Contact us for a free case review to learn more about our approach to drill rig accidents.