Dredge Accident Attorneys

Dredging activities are conducted for a range of reasons. Some clams are fished by dredging. Coastal areas keep their beaches looking pristine and erase the signs of erosion with loads of dredged sand. Intercostal waterways and rivers keep their passageways clear with dredging vessels. Dredging vessel workers perform many necessary functions in rivers and at sea, but the work is also very dangerous. In order to successfully recover the proper amount of compensation, it is important that dredge accident victims contact an experienced dredge accident lawyer for legal help and counsel.

Dredging vessels are large, intricate structures with heavy equipment and many moving parts. Without the proper maintenance, care, and safety precautions, accidents during the course of work can be serious and deadly. Workers on dredging vessels are considered seamen and are covered under maritime law. When dredge accidents happen, the best course of action may be to consult with an experienced dredge accident lawyer. Our Daspit Law Firm attorneys serve Houston, Biloxi, Lafayette, Beaumont, and across the country.

There are many types of dredging vessels, and all present a unique array of hazards. Vacuum or suction dredgers, clamshell diggers, pneumatic dredgers, bed levelers, and bucket dredgers, among others, are all designed for specific purposes. When these vessels are not properly maintained or inadequately supervised, serious accidents can threaten the lives of dredge workers.

Injuries Associated With Dredge Accidents

Dredge workers may be working around heavy machinery during all types of weather, which multiplies the existing hazard of working on a floating vessel. Types of severe injuries that can happen onboard a dredging vessel include breaking limbs or being crushed, exposed to hazardous chemicals, wrongful death, or burned in maritime fires and explosions.

Injuries may be severe and instantaneously reduce a worker’s quality of life, while others may slowly affect a worker over time, until he or she cannot work. Either way, when an accident could have been prevented, a worker has the right to hold the responsible party accountable.

Filing a Claim in Dredge Accidents

After any workplace accident, it is vital that you inform your employer immediately. If you forget to report the accident, it may be difficult to file a claim for compensation at a later date. Make sure you seek medical attention at a provider of your choosing and document the diagnoses and treatments your physician suggests regarding your injuries. In some cases, you may also be able to take pictures at the scene of the accident and get witness information.

Once you are in a stable condition, reach out to an experienced dredge accident attorney to learn more about your options for securing compensation. While not all accidents can be pursued in a legal claim, accidents caused by negligence are always considered grounds for a civil action. The unseaworthiness of a vessel and preventable safety hazards are both reasons you may want to take action against the party responsible for your injury.

Dredge workers are considered seamen and are therefore entitled to maintenance and cure after any accident, regardless of liability. Under the provisions of maintenance and cure, an age old maritime law, seamen are entitled to medical care and living expenses associated with the injury. Dredge workers may also be able to file a claim under the Jones Act, which can further compensate an individual for medical expenses, including travel and rehabilitation, lost wages, and other losses.

Finding a Dredge Accident Attorney

The national offshore accident and injury attorneys at the Daspit Law Firm have extensive experience in dredge accident cases. Every case is slightly different, and we are proud of our record for providing personal and accessible legal resources to all of our clients. There are not fees for our clients until we win compensation on their behalves. If you or someone you know has been injured in a dredging accident, it is never too late or too early to get good legal advice. Contact us today for a free case review.