Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer

When you head out on a cruise ship for a vacation or in a cruise line’s employ, the last thing that you are thinking about is having an accident and being injured. While most cruise ship passengers and crew members go on multiple cruises in their lives with no problems, some experience life altering accidents because of a cruise line’s neglect. The laws surrounding cruise ship accidents are complex, and strict time limits prevent many from ever obtaining the compensation they deserve after a cruising accident. To help you understand these complex laws and navigate through the daunting legal process associated with trying to recover the proper compensation you deserve, contact an experienced cruise ship accident attorney if you have suffered an injury as a result of a cruise ship accident.

The Difference Between Land Accidents and Cruise Ship Accidents for Passengers

Although cruise ships are so large they can feel like being on land, they travel outside of state and country jurisdictions. Cruise ships and carrier transports like ferry accidents are responsible for following maritime law in regards to the safety of their passengers. They are obligated to provide passengers with a reasonable duty of care for as long as passengers remain onboard.

While cruise ships are not strictly liable for passengers, they can be held accountable for accidents caused by intentional or negligent behaviors. Most cruise ship accident claims are handled in the state listed on the passenger ticket, regardless of where the accident actually took place or where a passenger lives.

Look on the back of your ticket to determine the jurisdiction in which you would need to file your claim. You may need to secure a cruise ship accident lawyer familiar with maritime law and cruise ship accident cases and licensed to practice in the jurisdiction listed on your ticket.

Your Contract With a Cruise Line

When you purchase a ticket for a cruise, you are signing a contract. Some contracts may be written in a way that absolves a cruise line of certain liabilities if you are injured or die during the cruise. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot file a claim against the cruise line if you have suffered serious injury as the result of an accident at an excursion site or on board.

The best way to avoid obstacles to pursuing your claim is to consult an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer as soon as possible. Even if you are not sure you want to pursue a legal claim, an experienced cruise ship accident attorney can provide guidance regarding your case and what you may need to consider to achieve a successful outcome.

Cruise Line Employees Injured on the Job

Passengers are not the only people who may be injured away from port. Cruise line employees may also encounter hazardous conditions that should have been addressed and suffer severe injuries as a result. Unlike passengers on a cruise ship, cruise line employees are covered federally by the Jones Act and by maritime law. Under these statutes, employees have the right to medical treatment, housing and food, wages, and other benefits. When cruise lines fail to offer employees appropriate compensation after an accident, an employee may need to consult an experienced cruise ship accident law attorney to take legal action against the parities responsible.

The Daspit Law Firm attorneys have years of experience fighting for crew members’ rights on board cruise ships and other large vessels. As an employee who works on navigable water, you are entitled to a safe working environment, just as you are on land. Let us know if you have been injured and have not received the care you deserve from your employer while at sea and upon returning home.

Finding Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer Legal Representation

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed because of a cruise line’s negligence, you need an attorney who has experience with cruise ship accident cases. The maritime law attorneys at The Daspit Law Firm offer complete maritime legal services to clients in Houston, New Iberia, Victoria, and across the country. Our expertise, responsiveness, and compassion for each case we take on sets us apart from other law firms who specialize in this field. Contact us today to learn more or start your free, confidential case evaluation.