Crane Accident Lawyers

Working in and around cranes near water is a dangerous job. When equipment is not properly maintained or crane operators fail to act with a reasonable degree of caution, accidents happen. When companies fail to address safety first and foremost, they may be held liable for any injury causing accidents. If you or a loved one have been involved in a crane accident and are seeking compensation for your injuries, contact an experienced Daspit Law Firm crane accident lawyer for a free legal consultation.

Those who suffer from injury in crane accidents may never be able to work in the field again. The heavy nature of the equipment involved makes most crane accidents more severe than other job site accidents, and may lead to broken limbs, amputations, brain injury, other life altering injuries, and even wrongful death. For families involved, it is often more difficult to cope in the aftermath of an accident knowing it could have been prevented if the proper care had been taken. Taking legal action against the responsible parties can help injured workers navigate the complex nature of maritime law and obtain the financial compensation needed to start healing.

Causes of Crane Accidents and Liability

Although safety working around heavy equipment like cranes seems like common sense, all it takes is one error in communication, hazardous conditions, or equipment malfunction for an ordinary day to become deadly. Dropped loads, broken lines, crane collapse and slip and fall injuries can all result in devastating injuries. Crane operators must constantly be communicating with other crew members, focusing on crane operation and balance, and accounting for any unsafe weather conditions.

Crane operators are not the only individuals who may be responsible for an accident, however. Improperly maintained equipment, lack of training, improperly staffed crews, and other factors may also contribute to accident causing conditions. The crane operating company, shipping company, or a 3rd party manufacturer may be to blame, depending on the circumstances of a case.

Compensation Available to Injured Maritime Workers

Crane workers who regularly work in shipyards and shipping terminals may be covered by the Longshoreman and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Those who are active crew members of a ship in port or at an offshore platform may be covered under the Jones Act. Determining liability and worker status are two key factors in pursuing legal action for compensation as an injured maritime worker.

Covered workers may be able to recover compensation for lost wages, medical expenses (including travel and rehabilitation treatment), daily living expenses, and disability. Depending on the statute under which a claim is filed, some workers may also be eligible for punitive damages and compensation for their pain and suffering.

After an injury from a crane accident, it is important that you reach out to an established maritime attorney for a consultation. While not every case requires legal assistance, many do, and getting the advice of legal counsel early in the process is one of the best ways to protect your rights as a maritime worker. Without legal aid you may not receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Finding a Crane Accident Attorney

The crane accident attorneys at the Daspit Law Firm have an understanding of the daily operations of cranes in maritime industries. We are based in Houston, but serve clients nationwide. Our firm’s national crane accident lawyers are well known for their flexibility, accessibility, and compassion towards injured workers. When you choose to work with us, you can count on a personal relationship with a qualified crane accident attorney. Unless we obtain compensation on your behalf, you will never be obligated to pay attorney fees.

In the tragic event of you or a loved one being injured or killed in a crane accident, an early investigation may be the key to successfully resolving your case. Contact our team of attorneys for a free case evaluation or to learn more about our approach to maritime personal injury cases. We look forward to helping you start the path to recovery today.