Cargo Ship Accident Lawyer

Cargo ships are responsible for carrying goods around the world. As part of international transmodal operations cargo ships, often synonymous with container ships, carry huge containers of products and materials locally and abroad. Workers on cargo ships may be responsible for carrying hazardous and sensitive materials to and from places. Loading, transporting, and offloading can all be risky business on a cargo ship. If you or a family member have suffered as a result of being involved in a cargo ship accident, contact the Daspit law Firm cargo ship accident attorneys for a free legal consultation.

During bad weather, workers can lose cargo or fall overboard. During the normal course of work, machinery explosions, malfunctions, and safety hazards can all cause injury. Exposure to hazardous substances, being hit in the head, being crushed, and being burned are all accident risks cargo ship workers face on a daily basis. Many workers may also have to regularly climb tall ladders where one wrong move can be deadly.

What to Do if You Are Injured in a Cargo Ship Accident

There are many different ways workers can be injured on a ship; some may be purely accidental, while others may be caused by someone else’s carelessness. After a workplace accident, you should notify your employer and file an accident report. Letting your employer know about the accident early on makes it easier to file a legal claim regarding your injury later.

Seek medical care from a physician of your choosing immediately, and keep documentation of all correspondence with your employer as well as documentation of medical treatments. If you can, take pictures of your injury and the accident scene. Pictures can be powerful evidence that proves liability in legal claims. The names and contact information for witnesses may also come in handy. As soon as you can, consult a cargo ship accident attorney who specializes in maritime law. Your attorney can help you make an informed decision about pursuing a legal claim against your employer or another responsible party.

Compensation Available in a Cargo Ship Accident Claim

All crew members aboard cargo ships are considered seamen and are governed by maritime law. In the event of an accident, workers are entitled to receive maintenance and cure from their employers. Maintenance and cure provides compensation for daily living expenses and medical costs while an employee recovers, although the amount of compensation may not be very much.

Additionally, seamen are covered by the Jones Act, which extends many workers’ compensation benefits to those who work on the high seas. If a negligent act caused an injury accident or wrongful death, a national cargo ship accident attorney may recommend that you pursue a claim against the responsible party under the Jones Act. The compensation available in a claim may be instrumental in helping an injured worker recover. Work with a cargo ship accident lawyer to safeguard your rights under this legislation.

The Daspit Law Firm Cargo Ship Accident Lawyers Work for Cargo Ship Workers

After a cargo ship accident, you may have several questions that need to be answered. Whether you are concerned about the coverage you are currently receiving from your employer or think you may have a bigger case to pursue, do not hesitate to contact our maritime attorneys. The Daspit Law Firm national cargo ship accident attorneys are committed to helping injured maritime workers obtain the compensation needed to start the healing process.

As a client of our firm, you will have around the clock access to a knowledgeable attorney who will personally handle your case from beginning to end. We never charge attorney fees unless we secure compensation on our clients’ behalves, and initial case reviews are always free and confidential. After an offshore injury in a maritime accident, we can help you or someone you love determine the next step in your case. Contact us today to learn more about our experienced approach to maritime law. We serve Corpus Christi, Lafayette, Houston, New Orleans, and nationwide.