Barge Accident Lawyers

Barge workers play a vital role in the transportation industry. They may be away from their families for weeks at a time and engage in hard physical labor every day. The hazards barge workers face are numerous, from weather conditions to irresponsibly maintained equipment, and it only takes an instant to experience a life altering accident. If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a barge accident anywhere across the United States, contact an experienced and successful national barge accident lawyer at Daspit Law Firm for a free legal consultation.

The environment can be fun, competitive, and diverse, but when an employer fails to put his or her crew’s safety first, the accidents can be devastating. If you or a loved one is injured in a barge accident, you deserve to have a compassionate, experienced, and accessible attorney on your side. The barge accident lawyers at the Daspit Law Firm specialize in maritime law and understand what barge work is like. You can count on our barge accident lawyers to be more than a legal advisor and help you through difficult times when you need it most.

The Jones Act and Maritime Law for Barge Workers

If you are a crew member on a barge, you are protected under maritime law and the Jones Act. Regardless of how you are injured, you are entitled to maintenance and cure – a maritime law provision that allows seamen access to daily living expenses and medical care after suffering an injury at sea. In addition to the fundamental care barge workers deserve, the Jones Act provides seamen with the ability to file a claim against an employer if the accident was intentional or caused by negligence.

Proving Negligence in a Barge Accident Case

Many accidents that happen onboard barges could have been prevented with proper safety precautions. Slip and fall accidents, being struck, rigging accidents, machinery malfunctions, fires, oil spills, loading accidents, and exposure to hazardous chemicals can all be reasonably prevented. In some cases, a 3rd party maintenance company or manufacturer may also be found liable for an accident. Due to the nature of work, barge accidents caused by negligence tend to be severe and life altering. From suffering chronic pain to permanent brain damage, maritime law and the Jones Act exist to provide compensation to those injured because of another’s carelessness.

After an accident, try to document as much of the scene as possible. While medical care should always be your first priority, taking pictures of the accident/injuries and obtaining witness information can be vital in proving a case against your employer. Because barge accidents can happen away from shore, there is always a chance evidence may not be as readily available once an investigation has begun.

How a Barge Accident Attorney Can Help

After an injury, a barge worker’s first priority should be recovery, but many may feel overwhelmed after an accident. They do not know how they are going to cover the cost of their injuries or make ends meet in the future. Many have families relying on their income. Without fair compensation to cover the cost of injuries, many barge accident victims may experience devastating emotional consequences in addition to physical symptoms.

An experienced maritime attorney can answer common questions, provide advice, and help families decide on the next steps to take in a case. While injured workers can file a claim on their own, it is often more beneficial to secure legal representation to negotiate with insurance representatives and ensure a fair settlement is reached.

The Barge Accident Attorneys at the Daspit Law Firm

Our barge accident lawyers are known for excellence in personal injury. We focus on all personal injury cases, including maritime and offshore injury claims in Biloxi, Houston, Beaumont, and nationwide, so we can help individuals start the path to recovery. Operating on a contingency fee basis allows us to take on the cases we truly believe in, without burdening our clients with unnecessary fee-structures. We only get paid if we secure you compensation. Find out more about your options as a barge accident victim by contacting us today for a free consultation.